Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Secret Lies Deep by JAKe Hatmacher

Available in Paperback and eBook here!

A Secret Lies Deep
by JAKe Hatmacher

A SECRET LIES DEEP is a fictional exploration of a young woman, Eryn, who harbors secrets that she is reluctant to reveal. At the same time, she seeks answers to questions/secrets that are hidden from her.

As the story progresses she learns much about herself, including her sexuality, as she becomes romantically involved, not once, but twice. But the romantic part is only a very interesting and soul-searching subplot which involves whether to reveal one of her secrets which could certainly put her in harm's way.  You might think that the subplot would be enough, but the main plot explores much more as it revolves around finding the answers to the secrets eluding her. 

Eryn eventually does find those answers with the help of her host family in upstate New York while succumbing mentally and physically to some odd paranormal activity as she and a coworker are assigned the task of researching genealogies for their living history museum; more is revealed about her own life than she ever would have thought possible!

About the Author

For most of my career I have been an obstetrician and gynecologist (a doctor who delivers babies and treats medical conditions unique to women). I started to write in 2013. So far, the stories I've written depict women dealing with critical health issues, physical and psychological, where their decisions regarding them can be controversial, and the potential consequences of the decisions the main characters make. Although the stories are fictional, they do portray real potential consequences of difficult health decisions that are often made. These are stories, and of course, outcomes are not always as I have depicted. And again, as the stories are fictional, I have used my prerogative to throw in just a bit of fantasy. I'll let you be the judge if it is too much fantasy!

I came to writing during a period of inactivity in my medical career. The period of inactivity allowed me to finally write down ideas I've had for many years and develop them into stories.

Even though I harbored the ideas for years, I never thought I would put them to print. You see, I never really considered myself a writer. When I finally got the time and the gumption to proceed, with the help of some key editors, I was very surprised when the first five reviews gave me four and five-star ratings. This obviously was encouraging to me as it would be to anyone. This led me to my next book, A Secret Lies Deep, which I published in April of 2017.

I currently have thoughts for other books and one of those may be a children's book having to do with overcoming a disability.

I hope you enjoy my books. My apologies to those who desire pure entertainment. To those hoping for something more, to possibly learn something you did not know before, or to share in the main characters psychological turmoils, and still be entertained, I think I write for you. FB:JAKe Hatmacher; webpage:

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rapier by R. A. "Doc" Correa

Available in Paperback and eBook here!

by R. A. "Doc" Correa   

Kathy Masters never expected to journey to the stars until she was selected by the prestigious Galactic Geographic Society to photograph and get videos of the flora and fauna of a newly discovered class M planet before colonization begins. Filled with hope and enthusiasm she boards the S.S. America for the trip to Beta 3 Epsilon to begin her new project. On the way she is abducted and brought aboard the privateer Rapier beginning her nine year sojourn among the colonies of mankind.

Going from captive to slave to induction into the infamous Brotherhood, Kathy finds herself being called on to raise the adopted daughter of the crew of the Rapier. Given the responsibility to raise their princess, Cindy, with the help of Lien Lan Yi, daughter of the house of Yi and princess of the imperial court, they travel among the stars preying on merchant ships, dodging Chinese warships, fighting pirates, visiting strange worlds and encountering fantastic creatures, all under the watchful eyes of Commodore James Ulysses Black.

Trying to raise a young girl among gunfights, sword fights, ship to ship battles, slave trades, deals and some of the most feared raiders in human space is no small challenge. The only question is, is Kathy up to the task?

About the Author

I was raised in Los Angeles, California in the 1950s and 1960s. I graduated from Eagle Rock High School in June 1970 and entered the US Army in December of the same year. Having served in the Regular Army, nine and a half years, Army Reserve, four years, and Rhode Island Army National Guard, eight years, I retired from the military in 1993. During that time I served as a battlefield medic, LRRP, surgical tech, scout section leader, LRS assistant team leader, team leader and training/ops NCO in a LRSD. I graduated from Colorado Technical University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1999. I then worked as a systems and applications test engineer, test lead, and test manager from 1998 to 2009. I've had a number of poems published in various publications. My wife and I have four children, three grandchildren, and two great-grand-children. We currently reside in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. I've recently released my first novel, Rapier, a SciFi adventure. The story is set in the late twenty fourth century shortly after the genetics war. Currently I'm working on Razor, the sequel to Rapier and The Young Kathy Masters Chronicles, a prequel to the series that takes place in Australia.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Pair of Purple Shoes by Mina Qarabaghi

Available in Paperback here!

The Pair of Purple Shoes
by Mina Qarabaghi 

A novelette about two young girls, growing up in two different countries, two different cultures and two different situations. Aimee is a French girl living a normal life, with every day challenges and some big challenges life throws at her. Aimee donates a pair of her favorite purple shoes, which end up in Afghanistan. From a First World Country to a Third World Country. Vareena's mother buys the donated shoes from a donation market. She buys new shoes for Vareena for Eid, which is an Afghan special day. Vareena's story starts from there, but Aimee's story is not over yet.

About the Author
Mina Qarabaghi is a refugee from Kabul Afghanistan. She was born in 1992 to an Afghan general and a housewife. She became a refugee at the age of six years old. She moved from Kabul to Karachi Pakistan at the age of six years old. Then she moved to Denmark at the age of twelve years old, where she was re-united with her father after ten years. Then her father passes away after a few months and her older sister Mila passes away in the following months. Mina faces depression, and anxiety. She began writing for herself as a form of therapy at the age of 23, when she is thinking to herself, when it was the last time she was truly happy. And surprisingly, all she could think of was the time she was a kid living in a big scary house, in Kabul during the war. The reason was her older sister’s histories. She remembered how everyone gathered up in one room, by the fireplace. Where Mila told stories. She would be so taken by her older sister’s histories that it felt like there was no pain, no worries in the world. Even during a war. so, she started writing from that day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Disaster in Love by Erin Thornton

Available in Paperback and eBook here!

Disaster in Love 

Sam, is just a girl like everyone else. She wants to make it through life with minimum hiccups, but her mother is desperate for grandchildren. She understands, but unfortunately just hasn't met "Mr. Right" yet.

In an effort to please her mother, she decides to amp up her dating life. Unfortunately, Sam suffers from a dating curse. No matter who she chooses to date there is something terribly wrong with them. From baby fetishes, strange sexual fantasies, Elvis impersonators, and crazy divorcees and so much more.

Can Sam keep her sanity while enduring each of these dates or will she give up on making her mother happy by finding her happily ever after? 

About the Author

Erin Thornton, for the past thirteen years has been a mom first. Now with six kids, she felt like she’d lost her own identity. She no longer had a first name and was always someone’s mom or her husband’s wife. It became very discouraging.

Erin has been telling stories since she was a kid. Her mom always told her to write her stories down, but she just rolled her eyes and moved on. As an adult, instead of reading a book for bedtime story or on a long drive she would tell a made up story to her kids. Keeping them captivated sometimes for hours. Some of them were amazing works of fiction and fantasy. While others were awful and her kids still remember their insanity to this day. She wasn’t afraid to take the stories to their most abstract point just to get a laugh from her kids.

Instead of letting her identity crisis overtake her, last summer Erin decided to write a novel. A story that was for her, not for her kids.

With her days spent on one hundred acres with chickens and kids that act like the chickens most days, Erin writes whenever she can get a spare moment. Between musical practices, sports and just plain mom life to distract her she tries to get in her words for the day with Disney Princess movies in the background or while her youngest naps.

All jokes aside, Erin Thornton is a true writer at heart. This won’t be the last book she writes. The stories in her head are always screaming to get out. The only way to free her mind is to put them on paper.

To stay up-to-date on all upcoming books and releases check out my website

Happy Valentine's Day 2018!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Available in Paperback here!

A woman running from her past, and a detective who will stop at nothing to find out what it is.
Leaving everything behind, Cheyenne Moore moves from her hometown thinking it will rid a ghost from her life, but shortly after she settles into her new home, strange things begin to happen and she discovers the ghost has followed her.

After things begin to really get creepy, Cheyenne knows she must tell someone about the strange things that are happening.

When she falls for the handsome detective in the neighborhood, she learns he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Knowing he is a skeptic, can she trust him with her secret to help unravel the mystery of her haunted encounter?

Available in Paperback here!